students who are 14, 15, 16 are publically smoking. how is this possible if you have to be 19 to buy tobacco?

I live in Ontario and the law is that it is not illegal for a minor to smoke. It is illegal for them to purchase them…which means someone either buys them for them, they use fake id's or the store operator isn't checking id…all of which are against the law.

well, some convenience store operators have no scruples and will sell cigarettes to minors. I've also read in my local newspapers that teens can buy cigarettes from Aboriginal reserves for EXTREMELY low prices.

get them from a older friend or sibling


thats what people do

they prob. get it illegally

They get someone who's older to buy them or they steal them. I smoked when I was in highschool. It's not illegal for minors to smoke, just to buy cigarettes, or to buy cigarettes for minors. So if a cop catches a 14 year old smoking he can't do anything about it.

sometimes people fake ids and they look older than their age

.. the same way teenagers drink long before they're old enough to legally buy booze… someone else is buying…

No, small shops never ask for ID

Kds can always find people to buy booze or cigarets for them when they are underage. It's nothing new.

Lots of people get them off older family members. I had a friend who's mother used to buy her cigarettes .

In rather small Canadian shops, they don't ask for an ID. In most cases however, these young teens have some one else buying for them or swipe them from their parent(s). A Canadian cop can do nothing a about a minor smoking publicly; It's not against the law for underage smoking, but it is illegal fo underage tobacco purchasing.

I hope this helps.

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because you have to be 19y/o to BUY it, not to SMOKE it

Easssssy! I started smoking when I was 12 and buying them when I was 13.

There are plenty of ways to get cigarettes underage…

-Have someone of legal age buy them for you. I knew older guys that used to buy me cigarettes all the time. And I'd just let them keep the change. But some people will do it for a few bucks.

-Fake I.D. Or not even necessarily fake. I also used to use my sister's old G1 licence to buy cigarettes. We look alot alike so it worked. But I only used it as a last resort.

-I also knew 2 guys that worked at a gas station and they started selling me cigarettes when I was 13. That was my main way of getting them. They didn't care. And it wasn't like I was going to rat them out.

Other people also have older siblings or parents that buy them cigarettes. I had a friend that's mom used to buy her cigarettes for her.

These are all bad but it's just the way it is. Also how old do you have to be to work at a gas station? 16? Pretty sure kids used to do that too. Just ring the purchase through while they didn't have any customers.

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